Jesus Heals The Blind

Jesus Heals The Blind

Spit on the dirt, once again
And cause me to behold
New facets of You, of the cross,
And Your glory from of old.

Lay Your hand upon my eyes
That I would truly see,
Not men as walking trees,
But lives of those in need.

Simply speak a Word
And my blind eyes will gaze
Upon the works You are doing
And evidences of Your grace.

The fog of the world,
The dark of night,
The nearsightedness of sin;
Satan’s lies
That lure the eyes
All seek to keep hidden,
Who You are, and who I am
And where You’re at work
In my fellow man.

But I take hope
That blind men came
To the One
Who knows my name
They left You
Able to see,
So now I ask,
Lay hands on me.

7 thoughts on “Jesus Heals The Blind

  1. wow. You always amaze me with your writing talent. Keep up the good work and know that your gift is such an encouragement to all who take the time to read your writings.


  2. “Spit on the dirt, once again
    And cause me to behold
    New facets of You, of the cross,
    And Your glory from of old.”

    Oh I love this! Great imagery! Have you thought of writing music for this? It seems to ask for it in my mind.

  3. Whoa, girlfriend! Did that come outa YOU? Amazing. Yes, it does beg music.

    I wrote my first song a few weeks ago. Lyrics are not original. They are psalm 150 verbatim. The Holy Spirit answered my prayer because I’ve always wanted to write a song. Writing the music seems to be the baby step here. Amanda tweaked and improved it. It’s a children’s song that I hope gets adopted into the worship team’s repertoire, not for my recognition, but God’s glory.
    It’s an upbeat ditty.

    Oh, your poem takes me back to the day of my pelvic healing. Bob Krausman prayed once for me and then said he felt he should pray again right then and there, as Jesus did for the blind man.

  4. Zoanna, I remember that time in your life (if from a distance) and the profound work God wrought through it. Have you written that testimony on your blog? I can’t remember.

    THanks Danielle and Zoanna, for the kind words about my poem. I value what the “real writers” have to say about my writing. I keep humming it to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep. As I have said before, all of my poetry can be sung to a tune from Barney. I can’t help it. I simply can’t resist good ol’ rhyme and meter!

  5. Baa baa.Back Sheep? No way! I tried and it does not fit meterwise. haha The words have inspred me to sit at the piano and ask God for music ,if for no one but Him.

  6. I feel inspired.May my eyes be open more to those around me. Thanks Laur. I love you and I love your gift.

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