Wise Words About Guilt

“When guilt feelings keep us self-absorbed, destroy our motivation, and make us discouraged, guilt has become a parking lot – not a good thing. But when guilt reminds us that we are insufficient, and when this insufficiency points us to God – His forgiveness, His empowering Spirit, and His provision of grace – then guilt becomes a spiritual car wash. You don’t camp out in a car wash; you just go there to get clean. You drive through the car wash and come out on the other end with an entirely new outlook. That’s one of the healthy roles that guilt can play for parents: pointing us and our children to God.”   – Gary L. Thomas from his book Sacred Parenting pg. 47

2 thoughts on “Wise Words About Guilt

  1. Mental pictures are so incredibly helpful to me in my walk w/ the Lord. It takes what is so intangible at times and makes it tangible for me. This is a great picture that I’m going to hold onto for myself and my little men! Thanks, Laurie, for being a veracious reader and letting the rest of us benefit from your exposure to many good books, authors and insights.

  2. I had to laugh about this, because just last night Paul came home from the car wash but then took out soap, rag, and hose and scrubbed the wheels.

    What spiritual analogy do y’all draw from THAT?

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