Favorite Thing Friday

I’ve decided to feature a “few of my favorite things” on Fridays. This week I am featuring my housekeeping journal. I have trie fancier ways to manage the home including a PDA and an elaborate organizer, but I always come back to my chubby little notepad. I divide it into four sections: Daily To-do List (the most pages go in this section), Running To-Do List (a list of items I want to get done eventually), Miscellaneous (contains notes for a poem, book titles I want to read, list to get done for a birthday party, window measurements, etc.), and finally a Menu/Grocery List (self explanatory).

5 thoughts on “Favorite Thing Friday

  1. Even though I’m a graphic designer and love what computers, PDAs, and the like can do, nothing is so wonderful as old-fashioned notebooks, journals, and planners. I’d be lost without my planner, which keeps a horde of stuff in it.

  2. Very organized, my friend. There’s something so satisfying about crossing things off with the stroke of a pen vs. the click of a button for me. Thanks for sharing.
    Do you have “lunch w/ Zo” in there somewhere?

  3. Isn’t anyone else scared she actually took a picture of the notebook? Just kidding girlfriend. You know our family motto “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” I love the multisection, purse fitting notebook. Great idea.

  4. I, too, am a paper and pencil gal, and I think I’ve found the absolute best day planner ever invented. It includes everything I need: a calendar: month, week and year at a glance; a grocery list each week, a menu list next to the day of the week, my “to do” list for the week and stickers to mark Dr’s appts, bdays, anniversaries, school days, bills due, etc. It really is the all in all. It covers 18 months, is compact, AND even has a christian version w/ scriptures and inspirational quotes throughout.
    Anyone interested?
    Here’s the contact info. I have in the back of my book (which I happened upon at Walmart)

    Happy Organizing! 🙂

  5. I have the exact same one!! And I happened upon it at WalMart too!! It’s great!
    I like it even more now that I know you have it too, Bri!!!
    The only thing it lacks is a place for poetry!

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