Wise Word Wednesday

This is an experiment. I don’t know if I can sustain it indefinitely, but I would like to use Wednesday as a day to quote others who are obviously wiser than I will ever be. The goal is to encourage myself and others.

This first quote goes along with my post this week. It was quoted in the “Role of a Wife” section of pre-marital materials we borrowed from Covenant Life.

Proverbs 12:4  “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband…”

“She is not the ring on her husband’s finger, or the chain of gold around his neck. That were far too low. She is his crown; his brightest ornament; drawing the eyes of all upon him, as eminently honored and blessed.” – Charles Bridges


5 thoughts on “Wise Word Wednesday

  1. Laurie, I love that quote…I am learning that to be the crown, I must continually be allowing God to sanctify me through the marriage relationship. I so desperately want to bring honor and blessing to Miguel. How frustrating to feel more like a sandal or toilet paper (?!? I couldn’t think of a good analogy! hehe!). But I trust that God isn’t through with me yet!

  2. Libby, I’m sure Miguel would agree that you are indeed a crown to him. He is such a blessed man, and you are and will continue to be a means of grace and growth to him.

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