Prayer Request Update

We already have the answer to one of our prayers. The husband of the couple who brought my aunt and grandmother to Texas was able to get into my grandmother’s home. This was somewhat miraculous, because police officers initially refused to let him enter. It began pouring rain, and they just waved him in. Remarkably, my grandmother’s house shows no evidence of water. It is exactly as she left it. How good and merciful of God! We are overwhelmed at His kindness. My grandmother can’t return to live there any time soon (we hope she’ll just stay in MD) because obviously, the rest of the city isn’t functioning yet. Please continue to pray for my grandmother. We just found out her older sister died today (of old age, not hurricane-related). They lived together a good part of last year, and had a special bond as my great-aunt Anette was there when my grandfather died last spring.

Thank you again for all of your prayers, and offers of help. It is an amazing blessing to be recipients of God’s love and care through the local church. Our hearts are full!


3 thoughts on “Prayer Request Update

  1. Wow. What a miracle! NO water damage? I’m praying for you grandmom right now, So many losses in so little time. How good of God to preserve her home, even if she can’t live there right now. She probably needs the TLC your family can provide right now, spiritually and practically.
    Thanks for the update.
    Love you.

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