Really Yummy Dessert

Continuing with my annoying “Hints from Heloise” mode, I thought I’d pass on my new favorite, can’t go wrong summer dessert.

I don’t know what it’s called. If you come up with a name, please post it.

1 small cool whip thawed
2 cups softened vanilla ice-cream
1 packet of peach jello powder*
4 cups of pound cake cut in cubes

Mix together cool whip, ice-cream, and peach jello.
Stir in pound cake cubes
pour into casserole dish (or whatever)
freeze (at least three hours)
Serve with peach slice on top (or nothing on top, like I did on Father’s Day… still yummy!)

*I might try strawberry or raspberry jello next time.


5 thoughts on “Really Yummy Dessert

  1. Call it Yummy Peach Delight. It’s a joke around here. Anything I’ve “invented” (i.e. thrown together from the hodpodge of things in pantry and fridge the day before payday) I call it a Something-or-Other Delight. I have made Chicken Potato Delight, Scrambled Egg Delight, TexMex Delight, you get the idea. Each time I announce the name of my “delights,” I get a certain skeptical “look” from Paul, which, as you can imagine, has a trickle-down effect on his offspring.
    At any rate, this recipe sounds like a keeper.

    PS I actually own 2 Heloise books. She’s a heroine, give her a break!

  2. I am a Heloise fan as well. I think the annoying part is me trying to be like her :). Who am I kidding?

    Yummy Peach Delight is a keeper.

  3. I wonder if you could do a low fat version:
    fat free cool whip, vanilla frozen yogurt (fat free), possibly sugar free jello or regular and angel food cake cubes…just an idea, I might try it.

  4. I tried this with the fat free stuff and strawberry jello…very good! I am sure it was even better with all the fat 😉

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