Happy Father’s Day, Dad

The Builder

Yet later in life than some,
He took his tools in hand
And pulling out the blue print
He sought to understand
Just how to build a family
When starting at square one.
He looked around at other’s houses
To see what they had done.

Most hadn’t any bricks yet.
Some hadn’t any tools.
The few who did begin to build
All followed different rules.

Turning a moment from “how” to build
He decided to look for “where”
And in “The City of the Lord”*
He said, “I am building there!”

Then he opened up the Bible
He hammered out the Word.
And iron sharpened iron,
He applied what he had heard.

He brought in other experts.
He brought in other hands.
He humbly made corrections
In keeping with the plans.

As year gave way to year
The wise man’s house emerged,
Built first upon the rock of Christ
Then built into the church.

We know unless the Lord would build
The house, the work is vain;
And we are grateful for the grace
God gave that did sustain.

We’re grateful our dad labored hard
And kept his tools so sharp.
We’re grateful for his vision,
And the passion in his heart.

We still hear the hammering
And nailing by the one
Who we believe will one day hear
His Father say, “Well done.”

I love you, Dad.

*City of the Lord was the original name of our church which my dad now pastors.


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, Dad

  1. What a blessing for your Dad to hear these words! And we say, ‘AMEN’ because we also benefit greatly from his fatherly care and wisdom as we seek to build the Lord’s house here in MA!! What a blesing he and your mom are to us!! We learn so much from their seasoned, wise counsel.
    May the City of the Lord expand in this area as the Lord continues to build His house by His Spirit; employing little hands like ours.

  2. Peggy, please know we are praying for you guys and anticipate continued grace on you and Paul as well as “our” church there in MA. We love and respect you guys so much.

  3. Laurie,
    Thank you so much for taking the time and using your gifts to honor your Father. It is so true that he has labored hard, and has never wavered in his vision and passion for his Lord, his family or the local church that we are privileged to serve. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness as a wife, Mom and Member (of this chuch) to serve along side of this man.

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