Easy Summer Cookin’

These are some quick and easy recipes for summer cooking (who wants to be in a hot kitchen when the outdoors beckons?).

My mother’s famous crock pot roast
(this is one she makes when the whole family comes over after church – we love it!)
A roast
A can of cream of mush. (chicken/ celery if you have non-mushroomers) soup
One packet of lipton onion soup mix.
Put the roast in first, cover with can of soup, sprinkle with powder soup, set on low, let it cook 6-8 hours.
*add chopped potatoes, carrots and onions for a yummy side dish

Linda Young’s honey mustard chicken
1. cut up chicken breast (we do bite size – easier with the kids) and cook in a chef’s pan
2. combine cream of chicken soup, honey, and mustard (we like it sweet, but you tweak the flavour however your family likes it).
3. add honey mustard to chicken pieces, heat through.
4. serve over rice (we use $.99 minute rice from Aldi’s)

Bar-b-que pork
1. cook boneless country-style spare ribs to death in your slow cooker (cheap at B.J’s) (6-8 hours on low)
2. shred the meat with two forks
3. let the family pick from an array of bbq sauces (or just put your choice on it)
4. Serve on a bun
*note: this is a great after church on Sunday meal (my sister brought the idea back home to me after she ate this at a gal’s house in Florida after visiting her church)

Easy Italian Chicken
1. Put 4 chicken breasts in a pan
2. Cover with canned spaghetti sauce
3. bake till chicken is cooked (45 minutes at 350?)
4. add mozerella on top; melt it
5. serve with/ over pasta

Easy Mexican Chicken
Do the same as above but instead of spaghetti sauce, mozerella, and pasta… make it salsa, cheddar/ monterey jack, and rice

I would love to hear your favorite “throw it together” meal. Post away my bloggin’ buddies.


7 thoughts on “Easy Summer Cookin’

  1. I’m hopeless when it comes to meat. I would like to try the ribs. How do you cook them in the slow cooker? Just throw them in? do you need to add water or anything else?

  2. just throw them in. really. it’s that easy. you can add a little water if they start looking dry, but any fat on them will melt off and make juice to keep them moist.

  3. Easy Stuffed Tomatoes
    (This is so good and filling)

    Hollow out the biggest tomatoes you can find and fill with layers of:
    1) Rice and the cheese of you choice OR
    2) Ground beef mixed with some ketchup, brown sugar, and sauteed onions and green peppers. Top with cheese.

    After you’ve stuffed the tomates, just broil until brown. So perfect for summer suppers

  4. Good tomatoes? From Ralph Cook! Ask him when they’ll be ripe. My daughter also grows them for fun. She got her plants from him!

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