Official Sugar-free Post Place

I am officially starting my sugar fast today. If you would like to join me, please leave a comment. I know Zo, you’re starting on May1, which makes perfect sense. It’s a long story why I am starting now (one reason being the three pounds I gained on vacation). I’ll spare you the other details.

My vision for this “support group post” is that we would just comment here throughout the month. Comments could be anything from struggles to victories. So if you’re joining in, come back here to encourage or be encouraged.

It would be great to get first comments about why you are doing this. Even if you aren’t cutting out sugar, if you have something encouraging to say, please leave your comments.

Also, I hope to continue more meaningful posting soon. I know the last few have been just chatter. I have a conference later this week, but hopefully after that I will be inspired to offer something on this blog that is a bit more substantive.


17 thoughts on “Official Sugar-free Post Place

  1. I am joining in on the sugar fast; have been wanting to do it for quite a while. I was most recently inspired by a quote I read from the bible study, “Seeking Him” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Tim Grissom. It’s in the chapter on Holiness. It reads, “Sin tastes sweet but turns bitter in our stomachs. Holiness tastes bitter but turns sweet in our stomachs.” This quote reminded me of my battle with sugar! And, I am pursuing this with the hope not just to gain self-control in the area of food intake, but to see that wonderful fruit of the Spirit spill over into other, (what I view as more significant) areas of my life. So, I’m praying for all of us who are on this quest together and I will appreciate any prayers on my behalf as well.
    May our stomachs know the sweetness of whole foods and our minds and hearts know the sweetness of a Holy walk with God.

  2. Bri, thanks for sharing. Very well said. I too am not just doing this to “eat healthier”. I want to grow in self control. I also anticipate God satisfying my true craving…Him.

  3. While you were on vacation, my family and I were at Disneyland for a quick vacation.
    I won’t be joining you on your abstainence from sugar, but I wish you luck!

  4. Hey guys, just updating on how the fast is going. I am finding that though my tummy is full, I am not satisfied because it’s not full of what I want. I am grateful to see this in myself. I have been using food to comfort and satisfy rather than fuel my body to serve God. God has given grace beyond what I had expected. That said, I have had headaches, fatigue, and irritability (this could also be due to PMS). I am going on a conference this week, so if you think of it, pray I will exercise self-control over quantities of food as we will be doing a lot of restaurant eating. Be back later:)

  5. Laurie asked me to share the following story of how the Lord used this sugar fast recently.

    I like to listen to a local Christian radio station, and I often try to call in to win things.

    Well, I called in the other day to tell about a recent decision I had made in order to win a bible. I really didn’t need the bible, but I thought it would be fun to call in anyway. I got through and gave an interview about the sugar fast.

    I called my husband at work after I had finished the interview and told him I was going to be on the radio if he wanted to find the station to listen to it.
    He walked around his office trying to find a radio, and this must have been a bit conspicuous b/c he quickly had several of his co-workers asking why he was wanting to listen to the radio.

    Well, he then had to explain and this led to an opportunity to have our faith exposed to his unbelieving co-workers. They inquired why I would do such a thing and what religion we were.

    I am always amazed by how the Lord accomplishes so many things at once in so many lives when we are willing to obey Him. He does this even when we’re unwilling to obey Him, too, I might add.
    So, be encouraged to press on those who are joining us in this very difficult quest to be freed of the sugar addiction.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s nice to go on vacation and yes, even gain some weight…However, THREE pounds! My other chin is more than 3 pounds. But, I too am on a quest for a tiny waist. It indeed is an elusive
    quest and an unforgiving taskmaster.

  7. Hope your sugar fast is still going strong. I’m sure along the way you’ve had a slight temptation or two for, let’s say, glazed donuts, Snickers bar, or a hot fudge sundae…but, please don’t let me give you any ideas.
    Good luck and I wish you success…really!!!

  8. So much for me starting May 1st. I didn’t realize today was May 1st until AFTER I’d eaten a piece of leftover birthday cake and 3 bites of a Batman snowball. How about I start tomorrow? I will probably take another break from the fast when we go to Disney World in a couple weeks, but I will (by God’s grace) cut out the sugar between now and then. My only exception–which I’ve done before w/ success–is a tablespoon of International Delight hazelnut creamer in my monring coffee while I have my quiet time. Until I’m otherwise convicted.

  9. The food might not be sweet, but the victories lately have been. So far I have said “no” to honey roasted peanuts, sour gummy worms, Jr. Mints, and (drumroll, please) cheesecake. I am reading a book called The Thin Commandments Diet. I’m only 2 chapters into it, but the author makes good points. Chapter 2 says “think historically, not just calorically” about the foods that trip YOU up. (In other words, what food in the past have caused me to “cheat” or gain weight? They probably always will be a weakness for me.) I can easily say no to potato chips and dip, but have to wear boxing gloves while saying no to cheesecake and donuts. I thank God for the 2 pounds I’ve lost this week. Thanks for the support group!

  10. Way to go Zoanna!!!! I have the same hangup foods. I am not a fat/salt tooth, but put anything baked and sweet in front of me and I am drooling. I have found that this week has been the easiest so far. It is not such a “death” to say no to sweets. I hope I’m not setting myself up for “eating my words”.

    Two pounds already! Excellent!

  11. This is the last week of the sugar free life. It hasn’t been as painful as I thought. Still, I can’t wait to go off of it…yet I am committed to keeping a low sugar lifestyle.

  12. Oh well, I tried. I gave in too many times to call it a success. Will pick it up again after my many travels…Florida, Kansas, New Hampshire. I’m not EVEN gonna try to do without sugar on vacation. We’re talking cotton candy, sandhill plum jelly on biscuits (my KS friend’s specialty) or anything from Sandy B’s kitchen.

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