Official Sugar-free Post Place

I am officially starting my sugar fast today. If you would like to join me, please leave a comment. I know Zo, you’re starting on May1, which makes perfect sense. It’s a long story why I am starting now (one reason being the three pounds I gained on vacation). I’ll spare you the other details.… Continue reading Official Sugar-free Post Place

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minivan moments

I’m doing time this weekend. Time in the minivan that is. (I’ll spare you the obvious parallels). We are taking a truly God-provided family vacation next week which requires a four hour drive to get there. “Four hours, big deal,” I hear you saying. But did I mention that my boys are very typical seven… Continue reading minivan moments

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My Fifth Grade Eating Habits

No, this is not about how I used to eat in the fifth grade. It’s about the fact that my current eating habits could be described as what a fifth grader would eat if left alone in the house. For example, this morning I am contemplating a breakfast consisting of chocolate birthday cake (leftover from… Continue reading My Fifth Grade Eating Habits


the bucket and The Fountain

I admit I am not a poet. Most of my poetry can be sung to a Barney melody. But still, I thought I would attempt to articulate something God is revealing to me through verse. I was inspired by a teaching called The Supremacy of God in Prayer * by…yes…John Piper (I know I’m a… Continue reading the bucket and The Fountain