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Fantasy, Meet Reality

Joseph isn’t the only dreamer. But somehow, when I dream, it is oh so different. More like a fantasy… It began when the nurse placed my oldest twin in my arms soon after his birth. In the fantasy I had created in my head (partly based on a circa 1988 made for t.v. movie, and… Continue reading Fantasy, Meet Reality

Spiritual Musings

The Smell of Grace*

I was listening to a teaching while making dinner the other day when one comment from the pastor caught my attention. He said he used to take his old Bible from highschool (he’s now in his fifties) down off of the bookshelf and just smell it to remind himself of grace. The Holy Spirit quickened… Continue reading The Smell of Grace*


Ordinary Heroes: Redefining Greatness

It is an impressive group…including the likes of Elizabeth Elliot, Amy Carmichael, Elisabeth Scott Stam, and Gladys Aylward. These were the heroes of my single years. I dreamed of being like these ladies. I imagined myself in various scenarios like jungle huts, orphan asylums, ministry to other women, and maybe even writing a book to… Continue reading Ordinary Heroes: Redefining Greatness


sleep deprivation preceeds sweet desperation

I have chronic insomnia. The last two nights it has been worse than usual because of a sick child. He wakes up, wakes me up. He falls back to sleep. I stay awake. In these wee hours of morning I am prone to irrational anxiety over everything from, “do my kids brush their teeth enough?”… Continue reading sleep deprivation preceeds sweet desperation